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Chromogenex Chromolite S

Added On : April 23rd, 2016
$ 7.000
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Category : IPL Machine
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Introducing the latest addition to the Chromolite IPL series; the high output Chromolite-S with improved vascular and pigmentation capabilities. What has improved? The Chromolite-S delivers more than 25% energy than the standard Chromolite system, now has a sapphire waveguide, and has increased it’s flash-lamp warranty to 300,000 shots. This impressive new specification makes the Chromolite-S one of the most desirable IPLs on the market today. Why is it better? The new pure sapphire waveguide (the largest on any IPL system) reduces radiated heat thus improving patient comfort to new levels never before experienced. The sapphire waveguide is also easier to keep clean of hair debris. The Chromolite-S has been re-engineered to deliver nearly a 50% increase in energy, this helps deliver even more impressive results for vascular and pigmentation treatments. The Chromolite-S has no other hidden consumable costs, making the Chromolite-S the most cost effective IPL system on the market. In very good condition, in full working order, complete with Chromotest unit.

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